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Green In the Most Unusual Places

Nothing screams “I don’t care about greenhouse gasses” like driving dozens of race cars around a track at high speed for hours at a time. But that’s the business of NASCAR, and they do it over 1500 times at more than 100 tracks in 39 states each and every year.

Over the last three years, however, NASCAR has worked aggressively to look at their practices and green their image.

“The country is going in a green direction, both from a corporate standpoint and in terms of general consciousness,” Mink Lynch, director of green innovations, tells the Miami Herald “We felt the NASCAR environment could shine an enormous amount of visibility on companies’ technologies and solutions,” specifically around the areas of conservation, green job creation and U.S. energy independence. Continue reading

Weekend Reader for February 10, 2012

  • The long-running battle between the Chittenden Solid Waste District and Hinesburg Sand & Gravel may be over.
  • The American Chemistry Council (ACC) touted new statistics this week showing that recycling of post-consumer plastic bags and wraps was up 50% over 2005 figures and 14% since just 2009. But some environmental groups think these numbers show how far we’re falling short.
  • PlanetSoloar’s Turanor, the world’s largest solar powered boat, is just about to complete a record-breaking 18-month trip around the world. Yes, it’s “one of the grandest eco-stunts yet undertaken,” but it’s still pretty cool.
  • PlasticsEurope has set a goal to completely eliminate plastic waste going into landfills by 2020. An ambitious goal, but one that may very well be achievable.
  • While we look at human-driven climate change as a modern phenomena, report in the journal Science looks at evidence early man many have brought climate change to Central Africa 3,000 years ago.

Weekend Reader for January 27, 2012

  • The Vermont House Natural Resources & Energy Committee held a hearing last week on H.485, an bill that would establish universal recycling solid waste. Amy Shollenberger (@amyaction) of Action Circles (http://www.action-circles.com/) live-tweeted from the hearing.
  • The New York Times looks at what Hong Kong ISN’T doing when it comes to glass recycling, and how some budding entrepreneurs are tying to address it.
  • Dubai, that endlessly ambitious Persian Gulf state, shoots for 100% recycing by 2030. And they’re already 80% of the way there.
  • Several years ago, Kraft Foods realized it was sending too much solid waste to landfills. Today, nearly 30 of it’s plants have achieved zero-waste. How are they doing it?
  • US packaging body Ameripen plans to hammer out a raft of policy initiatives this year in a bid to establish itself as a leading voice on packaging and the environment.

Weekend Reader for January 20, 2012

  • US District Judge J. Garvan Murtha has ruled that the Vermont Legislature overstepped its authority in attemping to regulate the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

Weekend Reader For Friday, January 13, 2012

  • Waste reduction is a Vermont thrift, argues Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District general manager Leesa Stewart in a letter to the Barre Times-Argus.
  • VtDigger.com reports on a recent hearing with the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel.
  • When it comes to bottle recycling, we need to think big, says Nestle’s director of sustainability in PlasticsNews.com
  • The Rainforest Alliance has produced an informative presentation on building sustainable tourism businesses.
  • Just for fun: Film Biz Recycling in Gowanus, NY is the recycling center of choice for discarded props from TV shows and commercials, taking in over 90 tons of materials over the last year.

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