Waste reduction

Focus on Sustainability at Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England

ccnne-sustainabilitySustainability is part of the company culture at Coca-Cola of Northern New England (CCNNE). As a leader in recycling, their goal is to collect and process as much recyclable material as possible to meet rising local demand from local companies, who in turn use the recycled materials to create new products, from bottles to fabrics to shoes.

Currently the demand for recycled materials is higher than the available supply. CCNNE endorses the use of zero-sort recycling as a way to collect as much recyclable material as possible with the lowest processing costs.

92% of all materials that come in to the CCNNE locations are recycled, leaving only 9 dumpsters per year of waste for the landfill. The company also works to reduce miles driven and increase energy and water savings.

Watch CCNNE’s video to learn more about their focus on sustainability and the local community.

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