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Lawmakers Hear the Facts About Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Did you know?

  • Waste generation in Vermont is up 34% since 1987, while recycling is no where near the 50% goal set by Act 78.
  • Keeping waste out of landfills creates jobs and they pay better than redemption center jobs.
  • Bottle bills are a very expensive way to recover a relatively small amount of material.

These are just a few of the facts the Vermont House Committee on Natural Resources heard from expert testimony on Thursday, April 21.

First they saw a sample of some of the things that currently end up in VT landfills but would be recycled under H218, The Extended Producer Responsibility Act.

Hear all of Andrew MacLean’s introductory remarks here.

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Ted Siegler, of DSM Environmental Services, testified about the history of solid waste management and recycling in Vermont. His presentation also showed that the EPR system would focus on efficient recycling for more materials.

Hear all of Ted Siegler’s testimony here.

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Extended Producer Responsibility: VT Leading the Way Once Again

H.218 would put financial responsibility for recycling on producers

Experts from Canada, Massachusetts, and Vermont will testify on Thursday morning on H.218, the Extended Producer Responsibility bill in the House Natural Resources Committee. The bill would be a structural change to Vermont’s recycling system, putting the financial burden on the producers who sell products in the state of Vermont. The committee has been taking testimony for the past few weeks. The bill is not expected to pass this year; however, the committee has identified the necessity of addressing our plateaued recycling rates. The bill’s lead sponsors are Reps. Margaret Cheney (D-Norwich), Sarah Edwards (P/D-Brattleboro), and Dave Sharpe (D-Bristol).

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Litter Study of Northern New England

Bottles, or lack thereof, don’t make much of a dent in over-all litter rates, according to this research report from the American Beverage Association’s Government Affairs Office. Examining litter in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, in fact, they found that Vermont has much more litter than either of the two states. Even New Jersey is doing a better job of litter control than the Green Mountain State!

Brattleboro Reformer: Lawmakers, WSWMD talk over waste bill

Reps. Sarah Edwards, Michael Hebert and Oliver Olsen appeared at the WSWMD office for the planning/operations committee meeting to review several legislative pieces that may involve the district. Edwards, a Brattleboro Democrat/Progressive, and Hebert, a Vernon Republican, are on the House Natural Resources & Energy Committee. Olsen, a Jamaica Republican, serves on the House Ways & Means Committee.
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From VTDigger – Trash talk: Lawmakers introduce “cradle to grave” waste stream bill

“Trash – the stuff we all throw away – and the word “radical” aren’t usually linked in Vermonters’ minds.
But a radical change is exactly what a bill under consideration in the Vermont House is proposing for the way Vermonters deal with the waste of everyday living, from flyers and newspapers and catalogues to plastic packaging, cardboard cartons, water and juice bottles.”

Read the rest of the article on VTDigger.

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