Coca-Cola: How the Bottle Bill Prevents Waste Diversion

bottleThe Bottle Bill was set forth to reduce waste in the landfill, but Coca-Cola of Northern New England (CCNNE) says that it creates unnecessary costs and inhibits optimal waste diversion.

The Bottle Bill attempts to divert waste by providing a monetary incentive which can be redeemed upon return.  Beverage companies are then responsible for picking up their waste.

Many beverage companies, including CCNNE, provide the waste to local businesses to create a fiber used in various consumer products.  These companies do not gain a profit, but rather experience a loss due to the expenditure of picking up their waste.  This cost is then passed on to the businesses they work with.

CCNNE suggests a more traditional recycling program to redirect these costs and expand the scope of waste diversion.  Rather than paying handling fees at redemption centers, funds can be directed to waste processing companies to expand their facilities and increase the diversion rate.

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